Caleb D'Lyrandar


Caleb was born into the powerful Lyrander family on the island of Stormhome, and was given the best education an training that money could buy. As a child he was gifted in some areas and deficient in others, much as any child his age. If there was anything very unusual in his early years it was that he always preferred to have his feat firmly on the ground rather than sailing the skies, unlike his airy kin.

When he came of age Caleb manifested a mark, but it worked sporadically and never seemed to respond to his will. The wind didn’t answer his call. Storms would not bow to his demands, and the elementals bound to the house’s airships seemed to take a fiendish delight in misunderstanding or even ignoring his commands. It quickly became apparent that, despite his mark, Caleb was unsuited to a life in the house’s guilds.

Undaunted, Caleb resumed his martial discipline and soon found himself favoring the polearm, an atypical choice for a scion of the mark of storm. As a marked individual he still had great status within his house (even if other stormbearers sometimes snickered behind his back), and he soon drew the duty to guard depots in Aundair processing soarwood shipments on their way to Stormhome.

He proved himself extremely capable at this job, and was assigned more and more vital duties that required both a trusted member of the house and a capable soldier and leader. It was in this vein that he found himself in command of a mixed unit protecting the Aundair valley of Clearwater, near the Karrnathi border. The valley’s steep walls were known for containing small quantities of Eberron shards, which House Lyrander mined under contract and the supply of which was threatened by the shifting front-line.

Caleb D'Lyrandar

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